Becoming a Data Detective  (KS3)

- learning to use and interpret data skilfully

PDF download A4 36 pages

This pack provides an introduction to understanding and applying data, in ways which will hopefully make you a bit more aware of the ways in which data is commonly used and misused.

Much of the KS3 curriculum focuses on techniques – knowing how to work out all the different kinds of average for example. This pack is designed to get you thinking about questions such as why you might choose one type of average over another, and what difference that might make.

This pack doesn’t aim to cover the entire KS4 syllabus in data handling, statistics, and probability. It’s designed as an introduction for KS3 students to help them develop a thoughtful and questioning approach to the subject, by presenting it in some common contexts. The aim is to help students understand why it’s important to be able to use and interpret data in a skilful way.

I hope you get a lot out of this pack!

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