Noisy World! - a pack for ages 4-7

Science, Music, Art, and Maths all brought together in a set of sound and music themed activities for you to do with your child.

PDF Download A4 52 pages

It’s a noisy world!

But, when you start to think about it, sound is very interesting. There are all kinds of things to find out!

  • What makes sound happen?
  • How do we hear it?
  • How can we record sounds?
  • Can we write sounds down?
  • How do sounds make us feel?
  • Which sounds are pleasant?
  • Which sounds aren’t so nice?
  • How do people talk in other languages?
  • How many different ways are there to make music?
  • How many different kinds of musical instruments are there?
  • Can you identify birds and animals from the sounds they make?
  • What kinds of games can we play with music?
  • Can sounds be useful?
  • How do we make noisy things quieter?

This project pack gives your child the opportunity to start investigating all of these questions – and more.

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