The Adult Skills Challenge - a life-skills project pack for young people aged 11-16

Help your kids learn some of the skills most education doesn't cover!

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This pack contains 10 challenges, suitable for young people aged 11- 16, to help them develop some of the necessary life - skills they’ll need as they get older. 

The aim has very much been to get kids thinking about and finding out about things for themselves. The pack asks lots of questions and presents a lot of choices. It’s designed to give them a sense of empowerment and achievement. 

 These are the areas that are covered: 

  • The Budget Challenge: Work out how much money you’d need, as an adult, to live the kind of life you’d like to live. 
  •  The Cool Threads Challenge: Make yourself something to wear.
  • The One World Challenge: Organise a fund-raising event for a charity.
  • The Democracy Challenge: Find out how you can participate in your community to work towards more of the world you’d like to see, and do something towards that.
  • The Energy Challenge: Work out how your family could save money on your energy bills.
  • The Feed the Family Challenge: Prepare a meal for your family, from scratch, using fresh ingredients. This includes tidying up afterwards.
  • The Savings Challenge: Set yourself a savings challenge and then work out a way to get there.
  • The Makeover Challenge: Plan a room makeover for your bedroom. Produce an accurately costed plan that comes in within budget.  
  • The Travel Challenge: Plan a journey using public transport.  
  • The Wellbeing Challenge: Design and run a 30-day programme to increase your own wellbeing. 

 Parenting teenagers can be daunting at times – so I hope this helps. It gives you a context for having deep conversations with your kids about the kinds of subjects that may not otherwise come up for discussion very often. And my hope is that it gets them thinking and asking you questions, beyond the scope of the pack itself.

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