Exploring Geometry KS3

An invitation to fall in love with Geometry!

Like playing the violin, you become good at Geometry by doing Geometry. It’s meant to be used! Once you’ve created an interesting hat, or created a piece of geometrical art, or worked out how to put a geodesic dome together, you have a much better understanding of what Geometry is all about and what its potential is.  And there’s a sense of mastery that comes along with learning to draw accurately and to use geometrical tools with skill.So there’s a fair bit of actual, hands-on making-and-doing here. Each section covers some of the theoretical rules-and-relationships kids need to know to pass exams, but then immediately shows them why this stuff is worth learning, through a series of practical projects and design challenges.  This pack is an excellent introduction to Geometry and Trigonometry for young people 10- 14 years old.

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