Messing About with Algebra KS3

Playing with Algebra until it makes sense!

Messing about with Algebra is a pack of Maths activities designed for young people aged (roughly) 11-14. Ideal for home educators and for parents who'd like to help their kids understand better how algebra works.

This is not an Algebra curriculum and it doesn't pretend to teach you all you need to know about Algebra, Instead, it's an invitation to engage with Algebra differently - to tinker, to doodle, to dabble.

Too many young people leave school utterly baffled by Algebra. Many of them can pass exams in it, and do exercises from a textbook but have no idea what Algebra is for, or what it means, or how or why they'd ever use it again once they finish school.

This activity pack presents a series of investigations into equations, word problems, patterns and graphs that help young people understand how Algebra works.

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