The Band project pack

Can you plan your band's best-ever European tour?

A cross-curricular project pack for children and young people aged (roughly) 10-14. It combines Geography, Maths, Art, Design and research skills. Ideal for home educators.

The Band is a cross-curricular project pack, designed to appeal to children and young people aged roughly 10-14. It can be the main focus of work for a few weeks or an ongoing project over a term or so. At just £6.50, it’s brilliant value for money.

So what do you get for your money?


A cross-curricular project in which your child has to plan a European tour for their band. This involves:

  • Inventing the band and writing about the band members
  • Planning a play-list for a 2-hour concert
  • Researching European cities to decide on appropriate venues.
  • Planning the optimal route
  • Designing merchandise
  • Pricing the merchandise and tickets in the different currencies for each venue.
  • Making publicity videos and posters
  • Working out the profit on the tour takings and finding out how much money the tour has earned them!

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